What We Do

We are an independent global network of dentists and clinics that share a philosophy aimed at building trust with patients and providing cornerstones that benefit all our patients.

The dental industry has undergone extensive “corporatization” in the last two decades leading to a situation where clinics are treated like factories and try and maximize patient throughput and minimize treatment time.

Sometimes, just doing the basics takes a little more time. Often the accountants, managers and bankers don’t see the value of that time taken, but we do. We think all dentists should..

  • Obtain informed consent.
  • Be pain-free: Take time to anaesthetize properly if pain is involved.
  • Use a rubber dam to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Take time to ensure the correct hygiene protocols between treatments and patients.

SLOWDENTISTRY® is a global network of clinics that was launched in 2017 and is growing rapidly.

We’re a part of the Foundation for Excellence in Dentistry, which is a Swiss regulated foundation aimed at promoting global excellence in the field of oral healthcare. All clinics that have joined our network are verified to be following the basic tenents of our SLOWDENTISTRY® philosophy.

In addition to these, we also have specialist dentists that we have accredited with additional levels of excellence inside SLOWDENTISTRY, shown below.

Digital Dentists

These are dentists that use modern digital technology, not just to reduce the time needed for your treatment, but to ensure you get the most advanced treatments with minimal risk.

Biological Dentists

These are dentists that take a more whole-body approach to dentistry, believing that oral healthcare is not just about teeth and gums, but also an integral part of the wider health of the patient.


These are dentists that have achieved such a level of excellence in their field that they have become teachers for other dentists.