The Cornerstones of SLOWDENTISTRY

Our 4 cornerstones are your Basic Rights as a patient at a dental appointment

These cornerstones are univerally accepted to be true, require no technology or special training on the part of the dentist or hygienist and are here to ensure that the pateint has a safe consultation.

They are taught in all dental school around the world, even in underdeveloped nations, and no dentist can refute or argue them.

They only are not implemented as a global standard due to the fact they take valuable time to execute and by not doing them, the dentist can see more patients.

These are your universal rights as a dental patient at your next visit to the
dentist. If they are not a part of slow dentistry make sure they sign up.

Informed Consent

Obtaining informed consent and acceptance of the treatment plan and costs prior to starting treatment

Pain-Free Dentistry

When required and necessary an anesthetic will be applied and the appropriate time will be invested in assuring full numbness

Rubber Dam

A rubber dam will always be used to protect and isolate the tooth being treated during a root canal and most fillings

Proper Disinfection Protocols

Proper disinfection protocols for room disinfection and sanitization will be applied to the room’s surfaces as well as the dental chair and instruments