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World-Class Dentistry in Sutton Surrey to give you confidence in your smile

At Keppel Dentistry we know you will be delighted with the outstanding service you receive - from your initial consultation to the end of your treatment.

Dr Thomas Keppel

Dr Thomas Keppel

Tom has been working as a cosmetic and restorative dentist at Keppel Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey, UK. He has been practicing Slow Dentistry for over 20 years as well as at Harley Street in Central London.

His enthusiasm for continuing education led him to The Pankey Institute and Spear Education in the USA, as well as the renowned Eastman Hospital in London. By increasing his knowledge and skills he has been able to offer a much wider range of treatments to the highest quality.

Dr Tom Keppel trained at Trinity College, Dublin, gained a further training at the renowned Eastman Dental Hospital and continues his professional development by attending courses in the UK and  worldwide.