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1. Contact Form

Fill out the contact form here, and you will be contacted by Slow Dentistry GmbH in Switzerland.

Application Form

2. Application Form

You will receive an application form by email, which requires you to collect information from your clinic and a patient from your clinic and return these to us.


3. Invoice

You will receive an invoice with the fees to be paid. All member clinics must pay our annual membership fees.

You will be included in our Geo-Locator, and receive your Slow Dentistry Clinic Status, only after these steps have been finalized.

Please read our practitioner page to discover the benefits to you of joining our network. In essence, by joining our network, you are confirming to your exisiting as well as future patients that you take time with them.

We advocate that approximately 5 - 15 minutes per cornerstone is required in every appointment. It is important that you note that we do not get involved in any aspect of any medical treatments.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing network of dentists who believe that a patient's safety, comfort, understanding and well-being are essential aspects of any appointment.

Need help with your request for membership? Please contact us at: enquiries@slowdentistry.com

Disclaimer: This application to become a member does not guarantee membership in our network. Only after rigorous checks and due diligence by Slow Dentistry GmbH will you be approved.