Who We Are

SLOWDENTISTRY® aims to improve the standards of care in dental practices worldwide to ensure your safety, well-being, comfort and understanding. We are building a network of member clinics committed to taking time with you in your appointments. We do not interfere in any medical aspects of your treatment, nor do we monitor or control clinics and dentists on the quality of their medical services.

SLOWDENTISTRY® is a grass roots movement in Dentistry and is not owned by
anybody other than the SLOWDENTISTRY® practitioners around the Globe. The SLOWDENTISTRY® network is coordinated by the Foundation for Dental Excellence which is not-profit Global Foundation based in Switzerland. All the proceeds from clinic membership fees, sponsorship donations or donations from our patrons in the public is used to foment Excellence in the Dental Industry.

Nina Blaettler-Rosa da Silva


With extensive experience in business administration at executive level, Nina is proud to be President and Founder of SLOWDENTISTRY® GmbH. Having successfully grown and managed other businesses in the past, her track record in business is well-established. Nina was responsible for the entire event management of the annual SENAME dental congress when it was hosted in Estoril, Portugal in 2015, giving her in depth insight into the dental world. Furthermore, she has worked closely as a management consultant with her brother Dr Miguel Stanely and his clinical team in Lisbon for many years. She is a start up specialist with a strong background in marketing, promotions, people management and networking. She speaks English, Portuguese and German.

Dr Miguel Stanley

International Relations

Dr Miguel Stanley is a world recognised leader in dentistry with over twenty years of clinical practice in advanced dentistry. Dr Stanley has lectured in over 55 countries sharing his thoughts and views to dentists from all walks of life. He is very passionate about the important role of ethics as a foundation for excellent dentistry and is quite passionate about improving the standards of care around the world for those that do not have much of a say. Dr Stanley was the first dentist ever to do a documentary on National Geographic and is responsible for the international relations between SLOWDENTISTRY® and leading dentists around the world.


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