Does this means I have to sit longer at my dentist chair?

Not at all!
SLOWDENTISTRY® is all about the time that your dentist takes to prepare your appointment making sure you have a wonderful experience.

How can we make sure?

SLOWDENTISTRY® aims to improve the standards of care in dental practices worldwide to ensure your safety, well-being, comfort and understanding. We are building a network of member clinics committed to taking time with you in your appointments. We do not interfere in any medical aspects of your treatment, nor do we monitor or control clinics and dentists on the quality of their medical services.

The Cornerstones of SLOWDENTISTRY®

The cornerstones are easily identifiable and are a means to allow us to influence our own safety and well-being at the dentist. Ask your practitioner to explain, to take time to ensure anesthetic is effective. Take note of hygiene aspects. We assume this is all happening, and in many cases it is; however, the cornerstones of SLOWDENTISTRY® encourage us to take some control over our appointments. SLOWDENTISTRY® wants to increase patient awareness for safety, understanding, well-being and comfort.


Fully effective anaesthetic of the area of the mouth to be treated before initiating treatment (if required)

Rubber Dam

Use of rubber dam in root canal treatments and other treatments where the teeth need to be isolated to prevent cross contamination

Room Disinfection

Full and appropriate disinfection of the dental unit in accordance with universal and country specific guidelines to avoid cross-contamination (washing hands, dental chair, handles, floor, surfaces etc)

Informed Consent

Fully informed, signed, and understood patient consent for each treatment, explaining the risks and rewards of the treatment carefully to the patient.

Patient testimonials

Slow Dentistry made the entire process of getting my dental work done go so much smoother than I expected!

Bob Woods
Bob Woods

Getting a root canal seemed like such a scary thing to have done, but my orthodontist explained how Slow Dentistry makes it much less frightening.

Jane Harris
Jane Harris

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the work my dentist performed; I felt incredibly safe and comfortable, and he said it was all thanks to Slow Dentistry!

Mandy Rorsch
Mandy Rorsch

Whenever you see our Certification Badge at a dentist you FEEL SAFE!

We certify Doctors, Clinics and practitioners who have a vested interest in helping their patients understand that time for their appointments is vital for successful treatment, well-being, understanding and safety.

What should I expect from my dentist visit?

What questions should I ask before I book an appointment?

Is your dentist not a SLOWDENTISTRY® member?

Become an influencer! scan our QR code to download your bill of rights and show them to your dentist. If they’re not yet a member of SLOWDENTISTRY® with this code he will get a special offer. 

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